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We speak with the best thinkers, doers and shakers in the industry about data quality, data literacy, architecture, storytelling, governance, modelling, design thinking and more. There is a data story for anyone.

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You have a solutions and opportunities for data leaders. I am here to help you connect with them and build long lasting relationships.

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Great Fun.

It is so good to talk to somebody who really understands the inherent value of data, information and knowledge as a strategic business asset and the critical importance of people to the equation.
James Price
Managing Director - Experience Matters

One of a kind

It's great that there is podcast like this. Loris understands business and has practical experience, which allowed us to cut through the usual fluff and talk about how things work in reality on the ground when you are delivering data management project. He's also great interviewer and very professional when it comes to communication, preparation and setup.
Marek Ovcacek
VP of Platform Strategy, Ataccama

Highly Recommended

Loris is a very organized and knowledgeable show host, and he pays attention to details, creating a high quality experience for both interviewee and audience member. I found Loris to be a like-minded data practitioner who also values the role that humans play in the overall workflow, which was refreshing for me.
Ben Jones
Co-Founder & CEO of Data Literacy

Immaculate Execution

Loris made the entire experience so enjoyable - his planning and execution is immaculate! I had so much fun chatting to Loris, and he had prepared some really interesting talking points that made for such a great discussion.
Nadja Jury
Analytics Engineer at Education Perfect

Can’t miss this!

What's not to love about talking to a fellow data geek who shares a mission to change the world through data?!  Loris' genuine passion and curiosity to help spread understanding of the impacts (both upside and pitfalls) of applying the power of data to liberate people and companies is infectious.  Thanks for sharing your studio with me for tis short but sweet interaction!
Chris Boys
Founder & CEO - Umano

Deep and Meaningful Conversations

We spoke about data, self awareness, and psychology. This conversation goes beyond tips & tricks on communication. If you enjoy listening to a deeper conversation, you'll like this one. I believe his message is going to spread in the world.
Gilbert Eijkelenboom
Founder of mindspeaking.com

Can’t miss this!

It was such an honor and a pleasure to be invited to The Data Project to talk about people challenges in data governance. I’m impressed with the level of quality of everything Loris puts out there and it seems that’s the level he was hitting from day 1!
George Firican
Founder lightsondata.com

Awesome experience!

Awesome experience! New ideas always emerge from open discussions with data experts!
François-Xavier Nicolas
VP Products, Semarchy

Fantastic Content

Lors,your content is fantastic and I'm listening to it on every occasion. Now that I'm back to work .. I'll be back into consuming and promoting your content! :) Grazie e Ciao!
Tiberiu Gociu
Senior Digital consultant, OutForm
Loris Marini Headshot

What's your data story?

I am here to help you educate data leaders and build trust.

Tell me how you are changing the world!
This is my onboarding calendar - speak soon!
Book a call with me 🙌
Want to know how we help? Check our brands page here.

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