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Your data is a mess but wouldn't it be nice to have it all organized and structured? If you are nodding then you need to know about taxonomy.

Taxonomy is the art and science of categorization and classification. It's what powers search and allows us to deliver a great UX to our (data) customers. It's also one of the hardest things to do well in a business context.

Helen Lippell wrote THE book on the topic and today we are giving away 10 copies for free. The book is called "Taxonomies: Practical Approaches to Developing and Managing Vocabularies for Digital Information"

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About the author

In E051 I sat down with Helen talk about her brand new book Taxonomies. Helen is ultra-passionate about the topic and has decades of hard-earned experience leading these types of initiatives in the real world. Stream it below or check out the episode page with transcripts, links and more.

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What people are saying...

Real data governance

Loris understands business and has practical experience, which allowed us to cut through the usual fluff and talk about how things work in reality on the ground when you are delivering data management project.
Marek Ovcacek
VP of Platform Strategy, Ataccama

Great fun!

It is so good to talk to somebody who really understands the inherent value of data as a strategic business asset and the critical importance of people to the equation. Loris is a gentle, thoughtful interviewer which makes the experience even more enjoyable.
James Price
Managing Director - Experience Matters

Lots of new ideas.

I am honored that Loris invited me to his top-rated show. I enjoyed our conversation very much. Data lineage is a complex topic. Loris was able to find out intelligible analogies to describe his understanding of this topic. Our conversation went beyond the original topic and generated a lot of new ideas.
Adrian Pimento
Owner, ScaleNow

Great conversation!

Loris is a genuinely curious person who wants to help everyone find their way in the complex ever changing world of data. It was a pleasure to speak with him and wish him the best of luck in spread data literacy throughout the world.
Matthew David
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Great questions, great hosting!

It's always refreshing when the questions are new, unexpected, and organic and enjoyed the flow of our hang. Next time we will need to do it over a 🍹, Loris!
Brian T. O'Neill
Founder and Principal, Designing for Analytics

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