Telling your data story with Scott Taylor

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Data management is a strategic imperative for any organisation but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Follow me as I speak with a master data storyteller Scott Taylor.

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Until not too long ago most of the data of an organisation used to be in one place, typically expensive and inflexible. But as the technology landscape flourished, the data layer became more fragmented. We gained flexibility at the expense of a single source of truth.

If we want to deliver value at scale, we need our systems to know what our people know, and we need to be able to trust it. ML and AI is pointless if we don’t establish the truth first, which means data management is not a nice-to-have but a strategic imperative for any organisation.

Yet data management is perceived as one of the most boring topics in data and most initiatives fail. Why is it?

To make sense of this today I speak with Scott Taylor - The Data Whisperer! Scott is a very active voice in the data management space, he has a background selling enterprise data management solutions to Fortune 100 and 500 organisations and consulting with clients of all sizes and in all different industries.

He recently published a book titled Telling Your Data Story, about why foundational data is important for any organisation, and how to talk about it to the business. You can follow Scott on LinkedIn and if you want a 20% discount use the code “data whisperer” on Technicspub.

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