Built to last: mindset and strategy for new data teams

Loris Marini - Podcast Host Discovering Data

Today I speak with Nadja Jury about her 7-steps plan to navigate uncertainty when building new data products. The path is not an easy one, but nothing worth having comes easy.

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Today I speak with Nadja Jury about navigating uncertainty in new data teams.

Nadja's journey in data starts from the customer support team. She soon realised that implicit and contradicting assumptions degenerate into fragmented and unreliable data. In a quest to change this, she spearheaded a new way of working which gave her an opportunity to lead the data team at Education Perfect.

Over time she developed a simple plan to maximise the usefulness of data products, their adoption and positive impact on the business. As you will hear, the path is not always downhill, but as the saying goes: "nothing worth having comes easy".

You can follow Nadja on LinkedIn.

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