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What holds back a product analyst? Implicit assumptions, luck of trust and poor data integration as just the beginning. This is about succeeding in an information immature organisation.

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Datasets are like chapters in a series of books that tell the story of your business. But they often fragmented and feel like they are written in different languages, without a table of contents or an introduction. When data is not usable we feel isolated and frustrated. This is the story of how Luiza Menezes decided to change this.

Luiza is a Senior Product Analyst at B2W Digital, she previously worked as a Business Analyst at Deloitte and spent 2 years with the largest energy company in Brazil.

We talk about challenges in product analytics and explore the approach that she and her team took to solve them to see what worked and what didn't. We talk about the importance of mastering Excel, tips and tricks to test and improve our communication skills, how the lack of a solid data foundation holds back many teams leading to inefficiencies and worse lack of trust in the data, implicit assumptions and the process of building a shared context. We talk about data catalogues and their importance to find the right information at the right time while being confident about its business meaning and impact.

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